Daily Menu
Weekend Brunch!
11/18/17 & 11/19/17
Hot Bar

-Sausage Egg Bake
-Tofu Scramble (V)
-Breakfast Potatoes (V)
-Breakfast Beans and
-Steamed Greens(V)
*Menu subject to change as ingredients become available*

Please call for soups as they are frequently changed
as one variety runs out. 
Thank you!

Visit the link below for our Monthly Menu

(Subject to change)
Monthly Menu
Deli Hours
Hot Bar : M-F 11am - 6pm
S-S 9am - 2pm

Salad Bar : M-F 8am - 6pm
S-S 10am - 5pm

Made to Order Hot Sandwich : Everyday 
11am - 2pm

Soup : M-F 8am - 6pm
S-S 10am - 5pm

Coffee : Everyday!
8am - 6:00pm

Click here for our Deli Take Out Menu!

Please be aware that our soups are made fresh in individual batches & may change during the day as they sell out & are replaced with new varieties.

**(GF) Not prepared in a certified gluten-free facility


Welcome to the Good Earth Food Co-op, where EVERYONE is welcome to shop!

Co-op Cheeses

When you visit the cheese department here at The Good Earth, you will find an excellent assortment of cheeses: local, organic, artisan, and alternative. We select each product based on the quality of the ingredients, and the integrity of the company that produces the cheese. On any given day, there will be over 50 different cheeses to choose from; all of them at competitive prices.

Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer:

Local:  In aid to the conservation of our Earth, we prefer to carry products that use as little fossil fuels as possible to get to our shelves. In fact, most our cheeses come from Minnesota, or Wisconsin. 

Organic:  It is obvious that a product labeled “USDA Certified Organic” has quality ingredients, just by reading the standards for certification.  Organic Valley is an honorable, farmer-owned cooperative that carries the organic certification. Cheeses you will find by Organic Valley are: Raw Sharp Cheddar, Raw Wisconsin Jack, Pepper Jack, Feta, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Neufchatel, Ricotta, and shredded varieties

Artisan:  We feature local, as well as imported artisan cheeses, at various times of the year.  We work closely with our distributors to ensure imported cheeses coincide with our guidelines. Examples of artisan cheeses we have carried are: Nufanen, Tilsit, Camembert, Chevre, Apple-smoked Cheddar, Brick, and Aged and Specialty Cheddars and Goudas. 

Alternative:  To meet the needs of the dairy intolerant and those with vegan diets, we are proud to offer an expansive selection of Cheese Alternatives. You can find blocks, shreds, slices and sauces that are flavored to mimic: Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Parmesan, American, Pepper Jack and Nacho.

Our goal is to offer a selection wide enough to satisfy the tastes and diets of all our customers! 

Questions and suggestions are always welcome.  Just contact Kelsey here at The Good Earth or by email.