Daily Menu
Weekend Brunch!
11/18/17 & 11/19/17
Hot Bar

-Sausage Egg Bake
-Tofu Scramble (V)
-Breakfast Potatoes (V)
-Breakfast Beans and
-Steamed Greens(V)
*Menu subject to change as ingredients become available*

Please call for soups as they are frequently changed
as one variety runs out. 
Thank you!

Visit the link below for our Monthly Menu

(Subject to change)
Monthly Menu
Deli Hours
Hot Bar : M-F 11am - 6pm
S-S 9am - 2pm

Salad Bar : M-F 8am - 6pm
S-S 10am - 5pm

Made to Order Hot Sandwich : Everyday 
11am - 2pm

Soup : M-F 8am - 6pm
S-S 10am - 5pm

Coffee : Everyday!
8am - 6:00pm

Click here for our Deli Take Out Menu!

Please be aware that our soups are made fresh in individual batches & may change during the day as they sell out & are replaced with new varieties.

**(GF) Not prepared in a certified gluten-free facility


Welcome to the Good Earth Food Co-op, where EVERYONE is welcome to shop!


The Good Earth Food Co-op supplement department is always working it’s hardest to bring you all the daily essentials you need. We are happy to offer you some of the industry’s leading brands as well as small and local companies that offer unique products. 

Some of the top brands we carry include

  • Nordic Naturals
  • Natural Factors
  • Renew Life
  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest
  • Herb Pharm 

Why shop the Good Earth for your supplemental and health care needs? At the Good Earth, the customer is what matters. Because of this, a lot of time is spent researching the companies and products on our shelves. We strive to carry a variety of products with the quality, price, and service that our customers deserve.

If we don’t carry what you want, our buyer is more than happy to check into ordering it for you.

Contact the supplement department directly at:


Body Care

What is the body’s largest organ?  Our skin. 

It protects us, regulates our temperature, and is sensitive to touch.  It absorbs what we put on it.  Our food choices reflect our need for a healthier lifestyle.  The same applies to our choices for the external part of our body.  Before buying a harsh chemical based product, consider switching to a product that is gentle and non-toxic.  Your skin and body will thank you for it.

At the Good Earth Food Coop, we strive to make looking for these products a little easier.  Our Body Care department provides products follow high quality buying standards.  Each product’s ingredients are researched prior to purchasing.  We give preference to products that are organic, fair trade or local and eco-friendly.  We do not carry products that have been used in animal testing.  We also look for unique solutions to everyday problems.  

If you would like to make customized laundry soap, we carry a complete essential oil section that has complementary ingredients in the grocery department.

Possibly you would like to create your own lotion. We have a variety of high quality carrier oils such as jojoba, coconut or cocoa butter. 

Baby Care

In 2012 we expanded our Baby Care area to include a variety of shampoos, lotions, diaper rash creams and teas for mom from brands such as Earth Mama Angel Baby, Country Comfort, and Dessert Essence.  Moving forward we will continue to expand this section and look for exceptional products.

Tooth Care

Have you heard of Xylitol or tooth powder? 

You might be pleasantly surprised with these two unique products for your daily oral hygiene.  If you are looking for something outside of the regular toothpaste,  these might be a new solution for you.

Hair And Body

Hair Care and Body Care lines new to the Good Earth Coop in 2012 include Griffin Remedy and Earth Science. Griffin Remedy is a staff favorite.  Ask any staff person if they have tried it. They most likely will respond with enthusiasm and recount the pleasant and satisfying results they have experienced with the line.  Our goal is to continue to bring in hair and body care products that are undeniably superior such as this one in the future.  

One fun aspect of personal care is it’s ability to think outside the box. We carry Diva Cups- a unique and popular solution for women’s monthly needs.  Also, our Naturcare  Personal Hygiene products provide a non bleached and eco friendly option for pads and tampons. 


Contact Hannah for all of your Health and Wellness needs!


We are always looking for new and exciting ways to help you feel your best from the inside out. We always welcome suggestions for products we haven’t met yet.  If we do not have it on our shelves, please leave a special request with any of our employees. We will research it and respond as quickly as possible with the details of how we may assist you.  

Thank you!