Community Room


Our community room is available for meetings and small gatherings to all member/owners to use for free!  Come and see what the Good Earth meeting room can do for you.

Plenty of space for your group or event!

We at the Good Earth Food Co-op provide Owners and the Community with information promoting health and nutrition, sustainability principals and practices, and Co-operative values, principals, and history.

We build Community by respecting and cultivating connections within the Co-operative and Community. To meet this end, the Good Earth will:

  • Provide opportunities for Co-operative Owners to share their views and information with Co-operative Owners and Customers. Specifically:
    • The Community Room at the store will be available for Owners, non-commercial use at regularly specified times on a first come, first serve basis.
    • The Community Room will be available to individuals and groups of all points of view with the exception of those that promote discrimination, mistreat and slander of individuals or groups, and individual candidates for political office. Preference will be given to Co-operative sponsored events
  • Live its values in the Community. Specifically: We will support groups sharing similar ends through charitable contributions.We will initiate and sponsor Community events.

To apply for the Community Room, simply fill out the Application and Agreement portion of our brochure and turn it in to the Community Outreach Coordinator.

The Community Outreach Coordinator can be reached at:

Community Room Application