Many organic and non-GMO products & over 40 locally produced products!

  • Complete cooking/baking section. Includes sensitive/restricted diet flours, a huge selection of oils, hard-to-find ingredients and safe & clean food colorings. Seasonal baking supplies as well.
  • Healthy & delicious snacks of all varieties! Fruit leathers, a diverse chocolate section featuring organic, fair-trade chocolate, MN local candies, and seasonal treats for the holidays.
  • Earth & people-friendly cleaning supplies, kitchen & bathroom supplies as well.
  • Ethnic foods; Asian, Indian, & Latin inspired foods, sauces, soups, bread & marinades.
  • A fantastic Macrobiotic section.
  • A baby section featuring healthy snacks, teething snacks, clean-list formulas and more.
  • Pet care section featuring regular & special diet cat & dog foods as well as supplements and treats.

Need gluten-free foods? We have gluten-free sections throughout the store. Baking, cereal & bars, pasta, snacks & more. Gluten-free shelves can be identified by an orange strip on the shelf to help our customers easily shop for their dietary needs.


We have a great selection of frozen entrees, pasta, pesto, burritos, frozen pizza, and crusts too. We have a nice selection of frozen veggies and fruit as well as pie crusts, wraps, bagels, bread, juices, ice creams & dairy-free desserts. 

We also carry frozen meat alternatives such as vegetarian chicken nuggets, veggie burgers and faux meatloaf.


We love to support our MN bakers! We carry local bread from Duluth, Minneapolis & Elk River.  Here is our delivery schedule for our artisan bread!

Backwards Bread Company – Tuesdays & Fridays by noon

3rd Street Bakery – Tuesdays & Fridays between 3 pm and 4 pm

Diamond City Bread – Tuesdays & Fridays between 3 pm and 4 pm 

Turtle Bread Company – Tuesdays & Fridays around noon

Alvarado St. Bread – Tuesday & Thursday around noon

Rudi’s Bread – Tuesdays & Thursdays by noon

Artisan Naan Bakery – Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 12:30 & 3 pm

Contact our grocery department directly at